Anthony Weintraub is an accomplished screenwriter, film and TV producer and director, with a foot in industries ranging from feature films, children’s media, communications, and branding.  Through their company A-Line Pictures, Weintraub and his partner/wife Caroline Baron recently produced the feature film Bel Canto, based on the bestselling novel by Ann Patchett and starring Julianne Moore and Ken Watanabe.  Anthony co-wrote the screenplay with director Paul Weitz.  

In 2007, Anthony adapted Taiyo Matsumoto’s groundbreaking graphic novel Tekkonkinkreet to the screen, becoming the first Westerner to write a Japanese anime. Tekkonkinkreet won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Animated Film and was nominated for Best First Feature at the Berlin Film Festival.  Anthony also contributed dialogue and story-edited the classic anime omnibus series The Animatrix (based on the scifi masterpieceThe Matrix). Beginning work in the industry as a story editor, Anthony went on to advise and do scene and dialogue work for several major Hollywood studios. As well, Anthony has directed award-winning short films which have screened in the Deauville, Ann Arbor, and Athens Film Festivals. 

Anthony recently co-founded yummico, a children’s media company, developing projects and writing teleplays for companies such as Dreamworks, Canadian Broadcasting Corp, and Amazon. Anthony also conceptualized and wrote Yummiloo Rainbow Power, an award-winning iOS game app, as well as launching a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the pilot for yummico’s show Yummiloo.

Anthony is also a consultant for non-profit institutions – making promotional and brand films, directing special events, and designing media outreach campaigns for NGOs including Human Rights Watch, the Richard Gere Foundation, The Nation Institute, and FilmAid International. Weintraub’s brand and lifestyle consulting work extends to hotel and retail ventures as well as other media outlets.  

Anthony is an adjunct professor at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, an active lecturer and public speaker. Anthony graduated with a BA in Theater and Art (Film concentration) from Wesleyan University in 1987 and completed an MA in Film Production from USC in 1992.  He lives in New York with Caroline and their sons Asher and Emmanuel.

Please contact me at mail@anthonyweintraub.com